COLUMBIA, MO — Missouri Auto Auction recently held a promotional event supporting Bree’s Gift, a registered 501C-3 nonprofit organization. Bree’s Gift honors the life of Bree Isabel Johnley (2015-2019) by providing families with up to 100% of the funding needed to adopt a child. Jennie Johnley, Bree’s mother and the founder of Bree’s Gift, is a former auction employee. She was the National Account Manager for seven years. 

​For the third consecutive year, Missouri Auto Auction has partnered with Bree’s Gift to help raise money for families seeking adoption. This year, to raise funds, the auction began by selling a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle for $15,000, NFL Chiefs draft and game tickets for $4,000, and a sunflower bouquet for $15,000 that Jennie was able to take home. By auctioning off these items, collecting donations from sponsors, and selling lunch and apparel to MAA dealers, Missouri Auto Auction raised $70,000 in just one day that was donated directly to Bree’s Gift.

“I am so proud of the team at Missouri Auto Auction,” stated Johnley. “It has been over five years since I worked at the auction, and the dealers and the customers haven’t forgotten about me! The money we raise every year at this event helps so many families achieve their dreams of adopting children into their families. I couldn’t be more proud of the love and support we receive from the customers at Missouri Auto Auction”.  

Justin Brown, Missouri Auto Auction’s General Manager, commented, “We are proud to partner with this fantastic organization. The participation and generosity shown by our dealers and business partners in support of Bree’s Gift amaze me year after year.

Cody Boswell, Missouri Auto Auction owner, commented, “This event is one of the best events we do each year. It makes your heart feel good helping these families.”  For more information about Bree’s Gift or to donate, please visit their website,

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